Butter and Cheese Review (ayse) wrote in bakingfrenzy,
Butter and Cheese Review

Conchas! Round Two!

I'm happy to report that my recent conchas recipe is indeed much better than the previous one. I think I would add a bit more flour to weight it down (again, I like a denser bun), but they came out exactly like bakery conchas.

I made only cinnamon ones, because, well, I like cinnamon ones.

Dough before rising

Divvying the topping into pieces; this recipe made less topping, so it worked better overall.

I rolled the topping out between sheets of plastic wrap, as recommended on a message board.

Look: the dough rose with more yeast!

Dough divided

Rolled into buns

With topping on top

After the second rising

After baking

Crappy photo of texture.

I apologize for how yellow my photos are; that is the colour of the kitchen and on overcast days like today there is no other light. So everything is YELLOW. Anyway. Much better recipe.
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