It rhymes with "catastrophe" (coffeeinhell) wrote in bakingfrenzy,
It rhymes with "catastrophe"

One more task down.

Well, that's done -- I just spent the last three hours decorating tins for the holiday cookie gifts.

This year, we got all of 'em at the Catlin Gabel Rummage Sale. I have no idea why people would donate those cheap metal containers that Danish butter cookies and fruitcakes come in, but thankfully people do. This year we bought about 15, at prices running from a quarter to 60 cents a piece.

So. Then I sit down with gift wrap, a pen, a ruler, scissors and Spray Mount (an artist's best friend), wrap a strip of paper around the outside and glue a circle of matching paper to the lid. Ta-da! Custom cookie tins.

I would also like to thank A&E for running four straight hours of "24" on Mondays, giving me something to watch while I played with paper 'n glue.

Now the house smells like Spray Mount. But the tins are done. Now on to the actual baking.
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